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 York Cat Trail

Closes Today at5:00 pm
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Typeguided tours
Address Shambles
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Cats have played a part in Yorks history and luck has been linked with them since records began. Cats always land on their feet and having nine lives is a piece of luck that we can all relate to. York Glass is the home of York Lucky Cats where we celebrate the York Cat story. Statues of Cats have been placed on buildings in York for around two Centuries, although statues since removed or rotted are thought to date from medieval times. The original Cat Statues were placed on buildings to frighten away rats and mice which can carry plague and illness. They were also thought to ward off wandering evil spirits and generally to bestow good luck and good health on citizens who needed feline friends to ensure a good nights sleep in old and temptingly chewy timber framed buildings!
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