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Closes Today at5:00 pm
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Address11 Museum Street
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01904 637487
My Wife and I founded Demijohn in 2004 in Edinburgh's Old Town as the World's first liquid deli. It started as a family business and still is very much that. As Demijohn has grown so has our family! The idea for Demijohn came originally from a wonderful experience I had while living and working in Naples, Southern Italy, in the early 1990's as a Student. I would buy my wine for parties from a local Cantina, or winery. We were allowed to take along a container of our own, try the wines on offer and have our jerrycan filled up. It was a bit like filling up your car with fuel at a petrol pump, except a lot more fun! Having traveled widely and eaten adventurous food all our lives, Frances and I decided it was about time Britain enjoyed the full freedoms of taste experienced on the continent, but with a focus on locally sourced British produce.
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